Friday, 29 April 2016

Ten most influential Nigerians for April 2016

Though down with our own lifes and its' challenges, we still have enough time and energy to be involved in some other persons' lifes. Possibly, because of how our lifes are influenced by these people. The Month of April was not funny for an average Nigerian, not with the fuel scarcity saga, the usual Boko Haram news and the recent Fulani Herdsmen wahala. Amidst all the buzz, some people still managed to get into our routine lifes, giving us reasons to worry and give our concerns. Do check out the list of ten most influential Nigerians for April 2016 and don't leave without making your opinion known.   

10. Tiwa Savage and TeeBills : Did Tiwa perform for free in her fan's wedding because she knew hers would crash soon? So, Tunji Balogun (TeeBills) decided yesterday to tell the whole world that Tiwa Savage has been having fun hopping from Jazzy's bed to Dr. Sid's. Baba 2Face never retire in his game not even with Annie who's been helping TeeBills with home cooking. Lol Tuale. He decided also to reveal that Tiwa's mum is a witch.  Na wa ooohh. Tiwa still keeping mum about the issue, even when we all read about the depressed TeeBills almost attempted suicide. Where are them shrinks? Lol. Freeze have said we should pray for the family. While we all turn prayer warriors, let's hope this is a media stunt to help promote Tiwa's new video. Lol.   

9. Olamide and Lil Kesh : *dancing efejoku* Isn't it great that Lupita Nyongo finds Lil Kesh song interesting to dance to? So, Lil Kesh thinks running a label is as easy as dancing Shoki, abi? Wouldn't want to be a prophet of doom, but I don't see that decision as promising. Olamide must miss the dude sha. The separation raved IG and got a lotta concerned people fearing for Lil Kesh (Baba YAGI). Hopefully, Vikhto would be given more attention.  

8. Queen Omaje : She shot down Utopia suite, Enugu on 23 for XPERIENCE MEDIA LAUNCH/WOMANITY AWARDS. Queen Omaje who runs the XPERIENCE Blog, a blog that celebrates women is one media person to watch out for. As she turned 22 last weekend, she decided to also celebrate hardworking Nigeria women with the XPERIENCE WOMANITY AWARDS, where leading women in Photography, Movie, Business and every work of life was celebrated.

7. Amaka Osakwe and Laolu Senbanjo : Beyonce served the world Lemonade from the lemon life gave her. It was amazing when we found out that two of our very own were part of the team that made it work. Amaka Osakwe took to IG to express her excitement at being part of the project as some of her designs were worn. We are so proud of the creator of the Maki Oh brand as Rihanna, Solange Knowles, Michelle Obama and Kerry Washington are ladies who have rocked her designs. Laolu Senbanjo's 'Sacred Art of the Ori ' was well worn in the Lemonade video. I am sure we remember Senbanjo and his Nike deal. Isn't Nigerians great?  

6. Mayorkun and Davido : I am wondering why B. Red decides to allow himself think that he has a future in music. And why the future is tied to Davido, who is already tired of pushing his(B. Red) unmovable ass. While Davido was busy celebrating Mayorkun for the success of his video that hit 1m views in 10 days, B. Red was busy beefing Davido. Making me wonder if it was Davido's fault that he (B. Red) no gree blow. At least, Davido will now rest in  his new label, Davido Music Worldwide. Mayorkun ti take over.   

5. Omoni Oboli and #Wivesonstrike : From 'Being Mrs. Elliot' to 'First Lady', and now, 'Wives on Strike',  Omoni Oboli has been bringing it home. The movie promised that girlfriends and side chicks would go on strike too and it's fulfilling every bit of it. No Nigeria movie has made as much waves as 'Wives on Strike'  is making in such a short while. And Omoni and her team ain't resting yet. Am I the only one that read her husband's note to her? Happy belated Birthday to Omoni and Ufuoma. 

4. Ben Murray Bruce : I really would want to be like this man when I grow up. I thought his success is only in media ownership, business and politics. How wrong I am. I am yet to see anyone with so much success and tact in the art of shading as Bruce. My shading skills dey learn where him own dey o. Jesu!!!  Such clap back skills, doesn't spare no body. And the twitter bickering with Oby Ezewkwesili really got people talking.  

3. President Buhari : Nigerians were already tired of his numerous travels, but he isn't. His trip to China seemed to be the worst as that really got lot of people infuriated. Lotta memes expressed the opinions of Nigerians over the whole travel issue.But, that did nothing to stop our Mr. Tourism President from taking his kung fu classes seriously.  After his meeting with Enugu state Governor, I patiently wait to hear of how he would single handedly fight the herdsmen with the newly acquired  kung fu skills he acquired in China. Lol.   

2. Linda Ikeji : I feared for her after Wizkid promised his sixteen years cousin will waylay her. Lol. But, the blog Queen knew better, and reported to the police. Now, she can can walk the street and not fear that one of Wizkid's children would beat her to a pop. Lol. Her exclusive report of Wizkid's receiving a quit notice was what earned her Wizkid's beef and threats. Reporting to the police, made some Nigerians almost devour her, but she's undaunted.   

1. Wizkid : If he knew better, he wouldn't want to mess with a 'mere' blogger. At least, he had to sign an undertaking and he narrowly escaped his real age being revealed. Lol. Whatever makes him think that if he livess in a rented apartment at 25 that he would be able to afford a house worth over half a billion Naira at 35 should continue. At least, that gives him a good feeling of himself and blocked his brain from knowing that calling a woman 'hoe' and threatening a woman could get him behind bars. Featuring in Drake's, 'One Dance'  though, that song been topping chats.

Monday, 25 April 2016

How to succeed as a model in Nigeria

The notion that bloggers know it all became clear to me recently. I keep getting questions on different 'How tos'. I decided to not provide these answers to different people personally when I can as well provide the information to a whole lot of people and as well provide it to those who seek the answers from me. I would start with tips on how to succeed as a model in Nigeria considering that questions on how to model has been the most frequent. 

Saturday, 23 April 2016

First ever Port Harcourt Jersey Carnival

It's going to be fun, classy and exciting as Hustlers Empire Entertainment & Fuse Enter10ment is set to host the first ever Port Harcourt Jersey Carnival.

Friday, 22 April 2016

Fashionista Me : Precious Adams

Name : Precious Adams
Occupation : Model, Student 
Fashion icon(s) : Uti Nwachukwu, Alexx Ekubo 
Preferred designer(s) : Yomi Casual 
Most treasured fashion piece(s) : Mufflers, Hats
Instagram : @preci_adams

You think yourself Fashionista enough to be here, Whatsapp +2348161902037

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Trendy Johnson And How He's Been Trending

Trendy Onovughe Johnson is the brain behind the Trendy Johnson brand. A brand synonymous with quality designs for the both gender. The Public Administration graduate of University of Port Harcourt reveals the secrets to his making top notch designs. This journey began in 2011, and Trendy Johnson is leaving no stone unturned. You should join this train and get yourself one of his 'see-thru' designs and stand a chance of winning big this month. Meanwhile, find out what has kept Trendy Johnson trending...

Monday, 18 April 2016

Man Crush Monday : Philips Francis

It's not in my nature to crush, cos I go for things when I want them. But, today I am just 'chooseless'. I can't help but crush on Philips and his lil big achievements. His ambition is wowing. That's one thing about him I wish to steal for myself. Dear, Philips is 'Positive' in a human body, the 'I am unstoppable' mentality? That's something to to die for. I just can't help crushing for this dude, who's rocking FirstStars Reality Show against all odds. Of course I solicit your support for him all through the sojourn and it would be worth it, trust me. Just stay glued to EbonyLife Television. 

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Queen Omaje on plans for XWA and the idea behind XPERIENCE Blog

Queen Omaje celebrates real women with true stories on her blog, XPERIENCE. She is presently the brand ambassador for TWON by Jane. She is set to celebrate her 22nd Birthday on 23 April with XPERIENCE MEDIA LAUNCH/WOMANITY AWARDS, an event aimed to celebrate hardworking women. In this exclusive interview, she opens up on what the event is about and her love for celebrating real women with true stories. You sure would want to know what inspired her blog that is all out for women, and how she's been doing it. Check out..

Friday, 15 April 2016

Fashionista Me : Sammy Pazkalz

Name : Sammy Pazkalz
Occupation : Student, Model
Fashion icon(s) : O.C Ukeje, Alexx Ekubo
Best designer(s) : Emmalex
Most treasured fashion piece : Mufflers
Instagram : @pazkalz

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Chukwu John David on his first novel, African Dark Light

At twenty his first novel African Dark Light is busy making waves. The novel which is set to be launched on 7 July 2016 at Telavi State University, Georgia is about a war between Nri and Arochukwu, two ancient cities in Igbo land, the East part of Nigeria. The book is available for pre-order on Amazon and is published by Inner Child Press in the US. This is one fit one wouldn't expect from Chukwu considering that he is from and grew up in Ebonyi state, one of the education less developed states in Nigeria. A state almost synonymous with stupidity, as people from the state are assumed to be stupid and good for nothing. Chukwu has managed to set himself apart and set the record straight, that good can arise from Ebonyi state. He, amidst the hardship surrounding his life has been able to come this far. He has some of his short-stories published in other languages aside the English Language. In this exclusive interview, he revealed reasons behind his passion for writing and trust me, this is worth your read.   

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Kenneth Chuks of Hypertex Photography on his Passion for Photography

Kenneth Chuks Ifeyinwa is the C.E.O of Hypertex Photography and Kennis City Magazine. He's currently a HND student of Civil Engineering at Federal Polytechnic Nekede. Kenneth is also into graphics designing, working as Chief Graphist at Colbon. Though in his early twenties, he is an employer of labour. He is a photographer you should look out for. His works speak for him and he has a lot of experiences to back it up. In this exclusive interview, we discussed his passion for Photography. I am sure you would enjoy it. Read on..  

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Sponsored : Face of IVM Press Release

Owing to the complaints of some contestants on not being able to complete their registration before the deadline which was yesterday 8th of April, 2016, we have decided to give a one week grace to that effect.

Friday, 8 April 2016

DKL Designs' Boss, Lankz Kay releases new collection to celebrate his Birthday

DKL Designs new collection is themed 'Tameless' and it's about expressing yourself through very bold and edgy outfits. This bold collection comes with a lot of attitude and fierceness. The diversity in the collection is to showcase different elements and also to prove that you don't necessarily have to be put in a box. If you feel like doing casual you can slay and still be very edgy and fierce, you could also do the same with very official wears. 

Emmanuel Somto and Princess Ihuoma looks loved up in new photos

Don't they look like a match made in heaven. I can feel the chemistry, they really nailed the shoot, you can always contact them for your shoots and be sure to have it killed. How about they shooting your pre-wedding pictures. Lol. Emmanuel Somto is one fast rising model to look out for and they can't be any more beautiful face for your brands than Princess Ihuoma. Check out the pictures.

Models : Emmanuel Somto
                 Princess Ihuoma
MUA  : @chizzy_lezzle cheesebeautytouch
Director : Edoziem CV 

Friday, 1 April 2016

Emmanuel Somto stuns in new pictures

I told ya already that Emmanuel Somto has come to slay in 2016, and there ain't stopping him. This fast rising model stuns in his new shoots, portraying every bit of hot, confidence and of course he is daring. Emmanuel Somto really is the delight of many photographers, make up artistes and brands. You sure should check these pictures out, they speak for themselves.