Sunday, 31 January 2016

Ijeoma - El General ft El-Pokky

I am sure you remember El General whose interview you read on this blog, some months ago. Follow link if you have forgotten him or haven't read about him. Last week, El General released a song, Ijeoma which features El-Pokky. To listen to this new release follow and download. Personally, I love this song. I don't want to say so much about this song, but, I am tempted to say that El General's girl friend is Ijeoma. Lolx. Does that say anything to you? The cover below was designed by a fan of El General, that's how loved the dude is. Listen to this song and thank me later. 

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Ghanaian model Alexander Daad Ahouden on modelling profession

Modelling is one profession that has been getting much attention in Nigeria, Ghana and the whole of Africa. It has been a source of livelihood to a lot of people, that a lot of people feel cool in some kinda way, being addressed or regarded as a model. In this exclusive interview, 24 years old Ghanaian model Alexander Kofi Donkor popularly known as Ahouden reveals what it takes to be a model, accepts that he desires to go into fashion designing like most other models. Ahuoden, is a graduate of Development Education and is presently combining modelling with his national service. He was first runner-up Mr. Model Ghana Competition. I am sure you would have fun going through this interview and learning all you can about modelling. Enjoy...

Why did you decide to go into modelling? : I have always loved fashion and photography, the only way i could explore this interest is through modelling, so I picked an audition form to compete for the Mr. Model Ghana Competition. I was the 1st runner up in the competition and I'm being represented by Fame Model Management. It was a great platform to start my modelling career.   

When did it occur to you that you would be a model and how did you go about it? : Like I said earlier, it has always been my interest when I was a small boy. I grabbed the opportunity when it presented itself by way of a model competition.   

How does it make you feel as a model knowing that modelling is not a lifetime job? : I am trying to make the best out of it now and I also have the intensions of bringing my own designs out in the near future to stay relevant in the industry even if I stop modelling.

How has being a model changed or affected your life? : To be a top model, one has to be confident at all times, discipline, creative, open-minded, have skills for good communication and human relationship, as a model relates with people from different background. I think modelling has affected me positively in all this aspects of my life.   

What do you think about the idea that to make it as a model, one either pays or sleeps his way to the top? : The journey hasn't been easy in the industry. Like every other job, there are negative and uncomfortable situation one finds himself but with determination one can make it to the top.   

What efforts do you put in to your job as a model that one who is not a model wouldn't know? : I have invested much time, money and given dedication to my job. Getting a photographer to shoot professional pictures involves a lot of money. Sometimes I pay a lot of transportation fare just to get to an audition venue. I always have to keep my body in shape by gyming and I also stay away from alcohol and smoking. 

What do you think is the reason behind Ghana, and Africa as a whole, sudden embrace of the modelling profession? : Most people are getting to understand the arts and fashion industry in Ghana and Africa as a whole, a lot of models are needed to showcase these arts and fashion, thereby creating job opportunities for models.


What is the future of modelling as a profession in Ghana and Africa? : I think the future is great. There are rooms for improvement and I'm sure little by little we are getting there. Modelling is here and it is here to stay.  

What else do you do aside modelling and how do you combine the both? : I am a national service personnel in Accra. My boss knows my modelling profession and allow me to go for auditions and shows anytime I inform her.   

At what point would you decide to quit modelling? : I can not really tell when I am going to quit, but, I believe when the time is right I will quit.   

What plans do you have for this year? : This year i hope to get more and bigger contracts that will take me places and put me on the international scenes.   

What is it about Alexander Daad Ahouden that your fans and followers don't already know? : I am a free spirited, open-minded indiviual and I joke a lot.

What advice would you give to younger models and aspiring models? : My advice to all aspiring models is not to lose hope or give up, but continue to push forward. With decipline, determination and perseverance one will get there.


Friday, 29 January 2016

Fashionista Me : Queen Pamela Chinaza Chiwetalu, Little Face of Enugu Miss Tourism

Name : Pamela Chinaza Chiwetalu
Occupation : Student
Fashion icon(s) : Taylor Swift, Genevieve Nnaji and Rihanna
Best designer(s)  : Tom Ford
Most treasured fashion piece(s) : Shoes and Jewelry
Facebook : Pamela Tricia

Monday, 25 January 2016

Audition dates for Miss Tourism Oyo 2016

This Year; When Divas Will Clash, Will You Be Able To Become That Rising Queen Prepared For Glory... With The Title: SYMBOL OF BEAUTY???

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IBADAN: April 1st 2016.
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LAGOS: April 9th 2016.
ILORIN: April 23rd 2016.
BENIN: April 30th 2016.

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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Exclusive chat with Prince Dele Agama of Xpress Africa

Xpress Africa blog and magazine is one of the 'it' places to visit, if you are looking for anything fashion. Xpress Africa is an attitude every fashion forward person should have. This attitude is led by Prince Dele Agama, who also  is the host of #talkwithPrince and Teen Vogue Africa. Prince is a final year student of medicine, Ebonyi State University. He garnered blogging experience blogging for Bellanaija and Stylevitae. And he guest presents fashion spots and fashion 360 at Silverbird television and EbonyLife television respectively. Prince is one of the few people who make me feel proud of being from Ebonyi state, lol. In this exclusive interview, Prince spoke about his course of study, and his journey into the media world. He's one of the many people getting degrees for their family, quite a sacrifice. I am sure you would be surprised to know that his family doesn't know he combines schooling with his work as a media person.   

Why blog, TV host and run a magazine as a medical student? : I am a blogger, a presenter and a creative director for my magazine because it's more like what I love doing. I love everything fashionable, I love everything arranged, I love everything cool. Medicine (laughs), as I tell everybody is basically for my parents. My dad wants me to be a medical doctor because he thinks that I am intelligent enough to take that on. But, on the long run, I feel like I am this extrovert. I am what most doctors are not. I prefer doing what I love doing,  even though my parents don't know about it. I do it on a background for now. My dad would kill me if he knows that I am a blogger, a tv person. That's it basically.   

Why would you practice what you didn't study? : Like I would always tell others, I don't really believe that you have to study a particular thing in the university before you can do well in it. It depends on your ability to bring out your passion for it. And I didn't just dabble into presenting or blogging. I blogged for BellaNaija and Stylevitae. Pretty much, I had to learn a whole lot about blogging and presenting. I went for a 2 month course in presenting and presently I'm still learning. I actually have a lot of experiences. I hope to also do a six months training in presenting when I am done with school. But, I think that it's not all about the educational background, there are so many educated people who are not really educated, I call them educated illiterates. It is about passion, what you have flare for and what you love doing. That's why I blog in stead of practice medicine, and I haven't said that I won't practice medicine. This is just me for now.   

What reaction do you get when people find out that you didn't study the media even when you work as a media person? : The feeling is like wow. (laughs). And I love it because it gives you this edge. You can actually be a medical student, a good one at that and still do you. So they just give you the wow, because it's new to them. They give you listening ear because you are good at what you do even though you didn't study it. I love the feeling.   

How is your productivity affected being that you practice what you didn't study? : Well, yes, my productivity is affected in a way, because  if I were a media student I would have the technical know how. Everything that I have done as a creative director is based on my passion and what I have seen others do. But, if I had the basic learning for presenting and blogging it would actually help my productivity. Nonetheless, I strongly believe that medicine and entertainment are two sides to a coin, so juggling the both is affecting my productivity. Being a medical student and an entertainer has its own flaws.   

At what point did you decide to make that leap into blogging, tv hosting and magazine production? :  I actually had the zeal to become a presenter from secondary school. Back then in secondary school, I hosted shows and danced. Entertainment has just been me, but you know that moment you are in a family of four and dad is like, 'I know you are going to do well in science and in a  particular profession',  and you wanting to make dad happy being the last child and dad's pet. So, I think it affected my choices even when I wrote WASSCE. Then again, back then in secondary school, art students were perceived to be dummies, so it affected my ego. Then I would be like, 'why should I be in the art class?' Nobody should blame me now, that was childish. I think I have the flare for presenting right from childhood but I think it just had to be now that I have that right to do what I would like to do.   

What is your plan for your medicine certificate? : (laughs). Plan for my certificate, (takes a deep breath). Well, if I graduate, I would definitely have to pursue my career, I would get all the basic requirements, go for my housemanship, do all the necessary things that needs to be done. I think that's just it, I would package my certificate and give it to my dad (laughs), cos I know I can't just... it's not just me. Or even if I would be a medical doctor, I know there's a segment on my blog that has to do with health. I would improvise, using what I have  learned as a medical student and bring it to my presenting world. That means I can be presenting health shows, I can be presenting health matter. But, I  must be a presenter, that's what I have always dreamt of, that's the only thing that can make me happy even if I know that I may not be so rich as a presenter. I said even if, that doesn't mean that I won't be rich. But, even if it turns out that I won't be rich as a presenter, I think I still would want to do it.   

What other things didn't you study that you may want to go into? :  Uhmmmm...nothing really, Uhmmmm... Apart from me owning a magazine and pretty much blogging and doing the presenting thing, I think there's nothing else. But I think life is a moving train. You don't really know where your real real talent comes from. I am actually having a thing for acting and directing movies cos I love things perfect. I think when I become a celebrity, people may want to feature me in movies.   

Do you have any plans to go obtain a degree in media studies or mass communication? : Yes, and that's why I love life now. I don't really need to go back to the university to get a degree, I'm actually planning to go to a presenting school that would last for say six months. It would boost my confidence. It would take time, it would take a lot of sacrifice. But, anything that is worth doing is worth doing well.   

What is your view about people practicing what they didn't study? :  My view is simple, we live in a world where medicine, law and all the professional courses are what gets you the money. In the actual sense, entertainers who know what they are doing makes more money that the professionals would never make. Take for instance, Olamide, see Linda Ikeji, she's a blogger, she didn't study blogging, but she's made a lot of money that most doctors haven't dreamt of. Then, Noble Igwe, he's just a fashion person and he's rich enough to carter for his family. It's not all about the money, it's not about seeing people make it in a particular field. If you really think you want to do it and you are ready to pay the price, do it, it's not about what you study. Education doesn't really end, university's just a platform for you to learn a whole lot of things, that's why it's called, 'mahadum' (know it all) in the Igbo language. It's not about knowing a particular course, it's about knowing everything.   

What would you say about parents influencing what their children study? : I think parents should stop trying to push their children to do a particular thing. Frankly, most parents don't know their children as much as they think they do. I feel parents should give their children the liberty to do what they want to do, if the child has all it takes to get better doing that. Nigeria parents should learn how to support their children all the way long and not wait till their children succeeds in a particular field before they give their support.   

About Xpress Africa blog and magazine : Xpress Africa is an entity of its' own. Xpress Africa was born on October 12, 2014. I got the name in a funny way. I was walking down the road and I saw the name 'Xpression' from a hair shop, so I googled the name, but it was already taken. I wanted to conquer Nigeria and Africa, cos I love dreaming big, so I settled for Xpress Africa. I loved it and told some of my friends who found the name cool. Xpress Africa is a digital and online magazine and a blog that deals on fashion, events, lifestyle, and beauty (dress tips, how to gym, make-up). Xpress Africa magazine has covered a whole lot of people : Amanda Ebeye, actress; Benson Okonkwo, actor; Tunde Okewale, Forbes under 35 most influential; Martin Fayomi, CEO Nigeria Entertainment Awards; Shey Shay, music artiste. Xpress Africa has had over 17 award nominations and have won about 8 of them. We have won Best Teen Blog in Ghana Music and Media Awards (2015), Best Teen Magazine, Glascow Awards (2014),  fast rising entertainment blog in NEA(2014), won next rated magazine in Tush Awards (2014).   

What projects do you plan to work on? : Start Xpress Africa tv, we would be releasing Teen Vogue Africa, which is basically a platform to celebrate teens, teenagers trying to do something with their lives. Teen Vogue Africa is meant to celebrate just teens and maybe a few other persons who are teen at heart. We would be talking about teen stars from all over the world. 

Face of Xpress Africa 2016 is here and open to you if you have poise, elegance, determined spirit and is stylish and between the ages of 18-33, grab this chance, click link for more...


Thursday, 21 January 2016

Too much for reputation

When I got pregnant the first time, she took me to the place I aborted the baby. My father didn't know that I was pregnant, and none of my siblings knew. When I got pregnant the second time, she took me to the same place to abort the baby. Though, the doctor was quack, she was concerned to know why a mother would bring her daughter to abort two babies in less than one year. She wanted to know about the fathers and she did warn that another abortion may cost me, my life.   

We don't talk about these things. Every body is more concerned about protecting the name of the family. My mother would say, 'Pray, God would make your father stop doing this to you, he was never like this, he's good man, he doesn't know what he's doing, pray, he would stop. But don't you dare tell anyone, it would ruin the family's reputation and good name. It would hurt us, and I would no longer be the church women leader and your father would no longer be the chairman of the church planning committee. Dear, you would have to pray to God to help you and that's all that you can do.'   

Five months later, I was pregnant again, the doctor refused to abort it. She said she can't risk it. She was so concerned. She wanted to talk to me privately, but my mother never allowed it. My mother really wanted me to abort the baby, she wanted to save her name and her family's reputation. She assured that God would not allow evil befall me or her family. I was so scared. I feared that I would die. I didn't want to die. I had plans for my future. I wanted to be able to speak for those who would go through what I was going through, I would have fared better, had I a voice. I didn't want to die, I was so scared of doing the next abortion.   

I was so scarced, I could no longer concentrate. I didn't know what I told people when I talked to them. Everything about me expressed the fear. And that was when my best friend, Odera confronted me, and sought that I tell her what bothered me. She was the only one who was disturbed so much to ask. It was tough for me, but I bared my heart to her crying all the tears that I have held inside for long. Then, she gave me that advice that I took.   

Four years gone, I have never heard from my father, nor my mother, and not from any of my siblings. Here I am, at twenty, a struggling single mother, toughly pursuing my dreams, hoping to one day be a voice to those sexually abused, especially by their father. 


Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Up and Coming : Riya of Riyality Photography

Photography is fast getting its' desired attention in Nigeria. Notwithstanding, the profession is regarded majorly as a male profession. But, Riya of Riyality Photography thinks otherwise. She believes that camera looks sexy on her and photography to her is bringing dreams to 'Riyality'. Riya, whose real name is Gloria Ukata is also a music artiste, in this exclusive interview, she mentioned her forthcoming 'QUING' project and also reveals how greatly she is inspired by children, male models, the naturalness of weddings amidst other things. I promise you would enjoy this. Read and have fun checking out some of her works.

What is the idea behind Riya and Riyality? : I've always been creative when it comes to giving nicknames to people and myself. I'm a music artist and this name 'Riya' was derived from my birth name Gloria, being the 'Ria' from the Gloria. lol. That was way back in secondary school and since then people rarely call me Gloria. So, you can as well see where Riyality originated. It did from my nickname Riya. That is to say my dreams coming into RIYALITY  (Reality).

Why did you decide to be a photographer and at what point in your life did you decide that? : I decided to be a photographer thanks to a friend who saw how good I was at taking photos, at the time I had a BBTorch, that was in the year 2013. I started reading photography books and handling DSLRs (sophisticated cameras) the passion grew stronger. Before I knew it I began to gain recognition as a professional photographer. Though I feel I'm still learning. The idea behind Riyality is to prove to the world that women and girls as well can be whoever they want or do whatever they want and still make impacts. To prove that dreams are valid and can always turn to Riyality! I also decided to be a photographer because cameras look sexy on females. lol. Just jokes. I decided there is more to photography than just taking pictures, I love taking pictures and developing them. I just have tremendous joy in doing that, I also love to appreciate photographs and I decided to be a photographer from the point I 'Riyalized' I could do it. That was in the year 2013. Whenever I hold a camera, I feel like a soldier holding a gun on the war front *laughs*

What was the reactions of your family and friends when you decided to go into photography and how did you go about explaining your reasons for going into photography? : I really didn't have to explain any reasons because every single person was in support, my dad always saw me as intellectually bright, of which I am *blushes* and was a bit skeptical but after he saw how far it was taking me and how much I was beginning  to earn at this quite young age, the old igbo man had no choice but to support me. lol.

How do you react to people seeing you as not being good enough owning to your gender? : Well, funny enough when people hear it's a girl they ignore their skepticism and always take a shot to see what I have got. Sometimes, they refuse to take risks, but, most times I get very positive reactions from people.

What inspires you as a photographer? : Beautiful ladies, kids, weddings (so much naturalness), male models, fashion, landscapes, the destitutes, and sceneries.   What kind of photographs would you never take? : Photographs at funerals. lol. Never ever! Why should I take photos of sad, crying people? No way.

What part of photography do you find uninteresting? : The hassle and bustle at weddings, struggling to take good shots and for the fact that you keep shooting for long hours. So tiring.

What is the most interesting thing about photography to you? : Shooting beautiful ladies, I feel women always have something good to offer in photographs with their attitudes, style, poise, smile etc. I know this sounds lame, lol, but I enjoy every bit of it, not forgetting kids, they are so cute.

What is your biggest project as a photographer? : I haven't had any yet, but I'm planning towards one for this year, called "The QUING project" that is women who are their Kings and Queens. *winks* I told you I like making names, lol. This project will have me release a single. Yes! I would be depicting women who are strong and have been through the storms and can be their own Kings as well as rise as beautiful Queens that they are.

Which persons, celebrities and brands would you want to work with and why? : For celebrities I would really love to work with Naomi Campbell, she has a strong face in photographs; Kendall Jenner, so unconformed; Willow Smith. In Nigeria, Toyin, a Lagos based male model and many more. I can't mention all. Would love to work with Kelechi Amadi Obi, that man is a King in photography, Tobbinator too(TCD), Tope Horpload, TY Bello; she is QUING!
Which persons, celebrities and brands would you rather not work with and why? :  I don't have any in mind yet oo.  lol.

Where in your career would you get to before you start considering your self as a big name in the photography industry? : When I start getting calls from Forbes magazine and Paris' internationally recognized fashion magazines to take editorial photographs, as well as start getting paid 1.5million Naira at least for just portraits pictures. I will know that, ehen Riya 'don come' *laughs*

What do you want to achieve with photography? : A lot, a photography school centered on training young photographers especially the female ones. And a women empowered movement to encourage young girls get something going on for themselves, no matter how manly it may look or seem. Just try it.

Role model(s) : TY Bello, Tobbinator(TCD), Tope Horpload, Kelechi Amadi Obi   What other talents of yours are we yet to see? : Music, music, music, yessss!

At what point in your life would you decide to quit photography and why? : I will not quit oo, no oo I will not. lol.   What plans do you have for Riyality Photography this year? : The QUING Project I mentioned earlier. And so many many shoots. God help me.   

Your words to other budding female photographers? : 'Do not wait; the time will never be right: start where you are and with the tools you have at your command; and better tools will be found along the way!' - Napoleon Hill #Gracias.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Unsung : Richard Ndukwe, Rich Mind Foundation

Richard Ndukwe is a final year student of mass communication, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka and the brain behind the Rich Mind Foundation an idea he nurtured from his days in secondary school. Rich Mind Foundation is known for their programme, 'My Identity', a programme organised to prepare newly admitted students for their journey through the university, giving them enough motivation to last them for their four years in school. The foundation recently started the 'Every Child is Important' campaign aimed at getting children off the streets. Lined up for this year are two other programmes coming from this Foundation, 'Ladies on Top' and 'Gifted Voices' and the launch of Rich Mind Group set to help youths fund their ideas. In this exclusive interview, you would know what inspires Mr. Ndukwe and how he has been holding up running the foundation regardless of his not being one of the millionaires' children. Take the ride.... 

What is Rich Mind Foundation about? : Rich Mind Foundation was actually an idea I nurtured during my secondary school days. Then I saw myself as someone that can impact on my fellow students. I was influenced by circumstances surrounding my birth, I wasn’t born with a  silver spoon.  But, I did get favour from a lot of people. Then, I had this particular man who took interest in me and he would always help me with almost everything that I needed. So at a point I paused to think about how I still have my way around life despite the economic situation of my family.  I saw life as beautiful and if life would be that beautiful to me regardless of my back-ground, I decided to reach out to other people. I started nurturing the idea, watering it, it was like a seed sown and planted inside of me that I watered. So, then in secondary school, I called some of my friends and shared the idea with them. They bought into the idea. Then, we started as a debate club. We organised debates, gave out exercise books to students. The idea then was to reach out to students with the little we had. Debate was the only platform we had then. Then, we would pull some money together and get text books, exercise books, pens and give out to other students. As time went on, we were done with secondary school and some continued with their university education, others went into business, and that's how I found myself in the university. Before the university journey, I sought for admission and it didn't work out. I waited for like five years. Within the five years, I was working. But, the funny part was that I used my salary in paying people's school fees. I remember vividly that I went to Bishop Onyemelukwe Secondary School, Onitsha and gave some students scholarship through their Junior Secondary School, that was the much I could finance then. I also did give people scholarship through their primary school. When I finally got admission, I wondered who I would fund my schooling cos I had given out every thing that I had and worked for. Surprisingly, the company I worked for, helped me put up some money when I informed them about my admission, even though they were surprised. The money they gave me would have been enough to finance two people through a federal University in Nigeria. When I got the money, I couldn't just start spending the money. I had to use some, to build the foundation and put things in place. We launched our first magazine. We didn't have much sponsorship then, so I had to use the money. As time went on, people started developing interest, considering what we have done. After, my diploma programme, we had our first public lecture which had Engr. Chidiebere Nwagbo as the key note speaker under the chairmanship of Mr. Henry Nwansike, the then NUJ chairman. After that, we started going for community service, we paid visits to motherless homes. There's no success without challenges and ours was financial challenges,as we do not have a regular source of income, so we started to task ourselves. That, didn't work. We went on to tell people what we are into, what we stand for and all we intend to do. We met Lecturers, H.O.Ds, sharing our visions with them, we got some who were interested and who later got inaugurated as our patrons and matrons. We have Prof. Ogo Ibeneme, Director of Sandwich NAU; Ven. Clement Mgbemena; Lady Ify Obi, station manager, Unizik fm. Bringing these people together, make our works easier, they pave way for us. We also went back to our drawing board and we came up with other ideas and that's how 'My Identity' came about. We also have other programmes, 'Gifted Voice', 'Every Child is Important'  and 'Ladies on Top'.  'My Identity'  so far has been a success and the other programmes would be rolled out soon. According to Napoleon Hill, 'A successful man is one who is consistent with whatever he does'. We are successful having done 'My Identity'  for three years. We have also done 'Every Child is Important', we collaborated with Hope Hospital, it was a community service based programme. After the programme, we paid a visit to motherless babies homes. We are working on the other two programmes.   

What has it been like running 'My Identity' for three years now? : The very first year we had 'My Identity' programme, it was like something unrealistic. The people I discussed the details of the programme with advised me against it. But, my kind of person hardly get discouraged when I am out to do something and that was the spirit I took into planning the programme. Considering the fear of the programme being successful, we came up with the idea of giving out twenty free dictionaries to the people that would come before 9am, the time slated for the programme. The idea was to attract people and we had over fifty people who came before 9am. For the second 'My Identity', we increased the free dictionaries to hundred and we had over a hundred people who attended before 9am, and for the last one, we increased the free dictionaries to two hundred and still over two hundred people attended before 9am. It's a working principle, we adopted it and we are making use of it. Most times, people question on how we get our funding, it's not really something we do by ourselves, our ideas make money for us. We write to companies, they pick interest, they want to know what the programme is all about. The first 'My Identity' was solely sponsored by the members of the organisation and the second solely by Diamond Bank and the third, we had many sponsors like Royal construction company, Apple studio, ABS, God is good motors. These people came together to make the programme a success. R. C. C awarded scholarship to fifty students. A lot of questions came up concerning how we got them involved. What I have to say is that it is not by my making, my idea attracted it. We are not a profit making body, we are out for humanitarian service. I was so happy that the dream is coming to fulfillment, there's nothing as good as seeing yourself achieve a set goal. I'm grateful to God that it happened and students were happy about it.   

How have you managed to finance yourself through school till this moment considering your financial situation at home? : I have this unmerited favour from people. I have never actually lacked. God has been faithful. There's this Bible passage that says that God would work on our vineyard if we work on his. I work for God by reaching out to people and God pays me back by one means or the other. I remember one of my session in school, that someone paid my school fees without my knowing that he did. I only got to know few days to the exam when the person gave me my print out and teller. Since I started this programme, I have received a lot of gifts and which I even give out sometimes. After the first 'My Identity' programme, I got a new laptop from the then CBN Governor, Awka branch, I gave out the laptop to someone who needed it more. I got another one from a family friend, Chukwuma Mgbemena, I gave that out and received yet another one from a cousin. It has been awesome. Financial help from distant family members have been able to sustain me. I am content and I believe tomorrow would be better.   

What are the ideas behind other programmes of the Rich Mind Foundation (R. M. F)? : Every Child is Important is aimed at removing children from the street. We have watched children born with silver spoon enjoy their lifes because of what their parents can provide. Then, we see other children in the dustbin, picking things (hisses). These children are also important. They as well can enjoy what the other children from richer homes enjoy. So, we started the programme, trying to reach out to these children, encourage their parents through scholarship, clothing, assist them in getting these children out from the street. That's what brought about 'Every Child is Important'. 'Ladies on Top' is meant to hold for the first time by February. We already have selected speakers, gotten our venue, publicity would soon kick off. The programme is to give women proper orientation of who they are, we want to help them develop self identity, self realisation, give them a positive knowledge about themselves and let them know what they can achieve as ladies. We are not raising feminists, but we want ladies to see themselves positively. Many ladies have this mindset of being created to be under a man, a man caring for them and doing everything for them, we are saying that women should learn how to also do these things by themselves. 'Gifted Voices' is meant to promote gospel music. Music is life, music is inspirational, people through music can key into their destiny. We intend to promote gospel music through the programme.   

What are the plans for R. M. F after school? : We have Board of Trustees, we have members and we are also reaching out to other higher institutions. We have students from UNN, ANSU, UNIBEN showing interest to be part of the foundation. So, when I finish school, others would continue with the work in UNIZIK, while I trip to other universities in Nigeria to raise members. Rich Mind Foundation is coming up with Rich Mind Group, presently, we are working on our registration with Coperate Affairs Commission. Rich Mind Group would be a group of companies, we are inviting young people, young graduates to come and partner with us. It would be an umbrella group that would have different branches, we are into schools, filming, studio, a lot of branches will be birthed under the Rich Mind Group. At Rich Mind Group, we would help youths with ideas but with little resources get more resources to fund their business and yield profit. We are already working on this and would be launching by the middle of 2016. We encourage youths to register with us.   

Advice to other youths : I don't like associating with lazy people. If you are lazy in Nigeria full of opportunities, it's just better you are dead. My advice is that youths should attach themselves to positivity, they should give birth to positive ideas and work towards them with determination and every sincerity. Their dreams should be plain and nothing fishy attached to it, so that people can buy into it. Nigeria is very fertile. 

Contact Rich Mind Foundation via : 
Mobile : +2348029233470

Friday, 15 January 2016

Fashionista Me : Emmanuel Somto Mbah

Fashionista Me is back on my blog. I am having this come back with Emmanuel Somto, fast rising model, actor, presenter and entrepreneur. And he is a slayer. Presently, he is busy planning to celebrate his birthday on February 5th with children from the motherless babies homes. I am sure you would want to be part of the project, just say, 'hi' to him through any of his contact details listed below and you get the full gists. 

Name : Emmanuel Somto Mbah
Occupation  : Student, Model, Presenter, Actor and an Entrepreneur
Fashion icon(s) : Mai Atafo, Alexx Ekubo, Lynxx, Mcmeka, Chris Okagbue, Marryam Elisha (rikaottobyme), Ebube Nwagbo, Genevieve Nnaji, Agbani Darego and Becky.
Best designer(s) : Sammie Couture, Samielle Couture and Adams Smith.
Most treasured fashion piece(s) : Shoes

Twitter : @dsomto
Facebook page: Emmanuel Somto
Instagram : @emmanuelsomto
Phone number 08067282224
Bbm 7AE3F1D7