Thursday, 25 June 2015

Anytime we do not believe in one thing

My mother call nonsense as non since. Me too do the same thing until my son correct me and tell me that it is not non since but nonsense. My mother finish primary school and marry my father. My father was a carpenter before he die. He was the kind of carpenter that do cushion chair, and people call him Oga furniture.

My father popular with furniture work. They say he do work very well and people are always coming to look for him to do their work for him before he die. My father dead when I was in primary three and my mother is a house wife. We start to find things hard and my mother say I should stop schooling and start to hawk and help train my brothers in school. My mother say girl don’t need school very well.

I am the only girl out of five children. I am the last born. I stop school and all of my brother go to school till university where they do weekend school. They hawk things after school and do jobs when holiday come. Me and my mother suffer plenty for them and they know it and like me very much for it. They get good work after they finish school.

When I grow up to marry, I marry carpenter like my mother, my brothers do not like him, they want me to marry rich men, but rich men don’t like me because they say I cannot express myself with English very well. My husband do not do furniture like my father. He only do tables and chairs for school, and bench for people shop. My husband do not have money reach my father.

My father is a good man and he never beat my mother. But, my husband beat me every time we talk of something and do not believe in one thing. If he beat me and any of my brother know, they come and arrest him. Until my mother beg before they release him. I don’t beg because I tire of him, but woman do not leave husband house unless husband pursue them. My husband also drink plenty alcohol drink which I don’t like.

One day he beat me. One of my brother come to our house in the morning and see my face swell, he call police and arrest him. He stay one month before they release him. He never stay that long in prison. My mother beg and beg before they release him. He came back looking like somebody that is dying. I gave him food, he ate and bath and change his clothes and go out and drink.

He come back, bear smelling in his mouth, but he did not drunk. He was angry and he curse me and my mother and my brother. He say we are wicked. He say my brothers should not pay my children school fees again in the big school they attend. He say he will put them in government school where he can pay their school fees. He say as they are back for mid-term break, that they will not go back to the hostel again, that they will go to school from home. He say he will look for house where we will stay so that we pack out from the fine house my brothers pay rent for.

I tell him no. I tell him that it is not possible. I tell him he can go to hell like they talk in film, but me and my children will stay in fine house, in fine area with people that go school and have money. I tell him my children will go in big people school and not government school. I tell him that my brothers say that I will also start school soon, so that I can read and write and talk better.

He vex too much for me. He shout for me. I shout back. We quarrel like we do anytime we do not believe one thing. He try to beat me and my first son hold his hand. My first son warn him not to beat me again. He surprise. Me surprise too. My husband vex plenty. He curse everybody. He curse me too much and say that I have make his children hate him. He shout and shout and shout, before he enter his room and lock it.

I do not like that my son talk to his father like that but I do not blame him or shout for him. I call him and tell him to beg his father for forgiveness in the morning. He agreed.

In the morning we wake up and do not see my husband. He write note and keep and say I should go and marry my brothers and my son and my mother. I go his workshop, he is not there. I go there every day, but I never see him again.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Nigerian Celebrities in diaspora: Andre Iguodala

A basketball player doesn’t get to be known as a celebrity in Nigeria, but in American, it is a good trip to stardom. Andre Iguodala who was recently named NBA Finals Most Valuable Player (MVP) is an American whose root could be traced to Nigeria. His father being a Nigerian makes him one of us and he rocks the world of basketball which should bring pride to our dear country. A prove that our own could be good.

Andre was born in Springfield, Illinois on January 28, 1984 to an African American mother, Linda Shanklin and a Nigerian father. He grew up wanting to play for Chicago Bulls and having Michael Jordan as the player he looked up to. He attended high school at Lanphier High School, Illinois, where he did well academically and athletically. He attended the University of Arizona from 2002 to 2004.

Andre’s career begun in high school where he led the team as a senior to a runner-up finish at the Illinois High School Association Class AA state tournament in the 2002 season. He was also a finalist for the Illinois Mr. Basketball award.  In 2004, he was drafted with the ninth overall pick by the Philadelphia 76ers. Andre played in Philadelphia until the summer of 2012, when he was traded to the Denver Nuggets in a four team trade. In July, 2013, Andre joined Golden State Warriors at a four-year $48million deal. He has also played for the United States national basketball team, helping USA win gold in an Olympic final against Spain. 

Andre has won several awards doing what he knows how to do best. In 2004, he was named to the Pac-10 All-Freshmen team. In 2005, he was named to NBA All-Rookie First team. In 2006 he was NBA Rookie Challenge MVP. He was named to NBA All-Defensive Second Team in 2011 and NBA All-Star in 2012. Then in 2014, he was named to NBA All-Defensive First Team. This year he was NBA Finals MVP and his team won the NBA championship.

Apart from basketball, Andre is involved in humanitarian services and was named one of ‘the good guys of 2006’ by The Sporting News for establishing the Andre Iguodala Disaster Relief Fund that raised money for tornado victims in his hometown of Springfield, Illinois. Andre also established the Andre Iguodala Youth Foundation, with stated mission to use sports as a means to help youths. This Foundation has hosted basketball camps and the annual ‘Thanksgiving with Dre’ which has distributed food baskets to families in need.

Faith to Andre who is a christian is something he heavily lean on to get that balance he needs to be focused. He believes that when people see him in court, they see God’s work. To him playing basketball goes beyond representing his country or NBA, but also includes representing one’s beliefs. To this end, when he plays, he plays hard for someone who died for him-Christ.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Seem missing: Mode9

Whereas many of his fans are expecting to hear from this rapper, he decided he was sure going to attack anyone who asks or queries him about his absence. According to him, it hurts when he is busy making nice sounds and people do not see it as doing well. He lamented heavily on the poor reception of his last album, ‘Alphabetical Order’, claiming that Nigerians do not like hip hop but only follow the hype.

Seven times ‘The Headies’ Lyricist on the Roll winner, and the most decorated artist by the magazine, Mode9 hasn’t been making much sounds to keep his fans stock with their earphones. Many have wondered what happened to this rapper that took the show and played in every stereo in 2004. The truth is that the rapper’s last album wasn’t well received and whereas many still expect him to put up a single or an album soon but the rapper hasn’t done any of those. Speculations have it that his career has hit the rock and is waiting for the touch of the ‘Chosen God’.

Mode9 whose real name is Babutunde Olusegun Adewale was born in London, United Kingdom on June 14 1975 as the third child of his parents. He is from Osun State, Nigeria. He is the brain behind ‘Redeye Muzik’ set up in 2008. He has six albums to his credit and has been featured in several other music videos.

In 2004, Mode9 turned every hip hop head making them rejoice and get ready for some dance with the release of his first album ‘MalcolmIX’ which was the start of his rap career. In 2006, he released ‘PentiumIX’ and ‘E ‘Pluribus Unum’ in 2007. Since the release of his last studio album which was unsuccessful, nothing has been heard of Mode9.

Mode9 however, has several awards to his credit. ‘Elbowroom’, the lead single of his first album, ‘MalcolmIX’ won an AMEN Award for the best rap single in Nigeria in 2005. In 2006 he won 3 Hip Hop World Awards and 3 Channel O Music Video Awards. In 2007, his album, ‘E ‘Pluribus Unum’ was heralded as one of the best hip hop albums to come out of Africa. The album got airplay in New Yorks Hot 97. He is 7 Time Lyricist on the Roll Award Winner.

Mode9 who hasn’t accepted that his fan base is now low still maintained that his fans appreciate his songs and every other person who doesn’t is a fair weather fan. While he still banks on his ‘fans’ and refusing to take Rugged Man’s advice that he go get another  job, all his supposed fair weather fans have declared him missing and is busying looking for him even in places like Mars.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

I love hate you...

You said you love me. You said you always have me in your thoughts. You said you dream of me day and night. You said you can't wait to have me in your arms. You said you always imagine me by your side each time you go to bed at night. You said I drive you crazy.

I didn't say otherwise but I never told you I love you. So you said you would always want me to assure you how much I love you.

Did I even love you I ask myself sometimes. Not like I get answers but we were close; Real close. I visited you each time I was back for my holidays.

You took me out. We went shopping.You bought me gifts. You gave me the first laptop I ever owned. My first blazers ever, you got me. Even my ash suit that I dashed my cousin you bought me. You got me just everything I needed.

When I lost my first laptop, you got me another. It spoilt, you got me yet another. The one with which I type this.

My mother said I was careless to lose the first laptop and an ingrate to spoil the second, yet you never complained.

Did I mention you got me the first symbian phone I ever used? Even the first android, Tecno N3. Later on, you got me a Tecno tablet and then a Samsung S2. You knew how much I needed a Samsung S5, a better tablet.You were going to get me an S5 on my birthday.

It was two weeks to my birthday.I had come back for the weekend.I decided to pay you a surprise visit. Not that I pre-informed you of all my other visits, I often called you midway to your house. You live in the street after mine and I often go by your house during my evening walks.I would call to say I was around and you would often tell me to come over which I did most times. My twenty minutes walk ends in your abode where I eventually stay all through the evening and each time I got home, my mother would shout at me for staying out late.

This visit wasn't one of my usual walks.I wanted to profess my love.To tell you I want to be in your arms; to wake from my sleep by your side.That I love you and was begining to dream of you, just like you do of me.

It has been three years since you met me, three years of treating me special.I was in SS3 then but now, I'm an undergraduate. Distance was no barrier. You call me on phone, we're friends on Facebook, you have my BBM pin, we chat on whatsapp,we follow each other on twitter and my house is one hundred and fifty naira bus fare away from my school, so I was home most weekends. This was one of those weekends. I didn't tell you I was coming back. All part of the surprise.

I couldn't help not coming back this weekend.I was begining to think of you. I was always thinking of us.You were really driving me crazy.I could barely concentrate. It was you on my mind always. I was begining to think of it being love.Whatelse could it be? I was coming to tell you how you make me feel, what your thoughts make of me.I came hoping you would ask me out again, so I could say yes, embrace you, kiss you, and make love with you.

I walked down to your street. Now very close to your house, I could hear your voice.You always talk loud which I often complain of. You were in the bar close to your house.

I can hear what you were saying even now in my head, your voice so clear.You were saying you can't be gay, that will be lowering your standards.You were saying that you hate gay people.You were saying that gay people are confused people.You called them stupid, indecisive, abnormal and people who do not know what they want from life.

I stood dumbstruck. I had been heading for the bar to drag you away when I began to hear your voice. I stood to get what you were saying and behold I heard them clearly.Could I have even moved? My legs rooted to the ground yet couldn't seem to stay stable. I needed support.

I walked into the bar to be sure the voice I heard was yours.I wanted to buy a fayrouz drink while I scan the bar to confirm your presence.You were still talking, saying gay people deserve the fourteen years jail term when I stepped into the bar.

Our eyes met and my facial expression gave me away.You knew I had heard you and stuttered as you tried taking your eyes away from me.

I left the bar.Not buying the fayrouz drink. I knew you would come after me, so I stopped a bike, I couldn't walk  home. I may break down before I get home and you will catch up with me.I was already on the bike before you came out from the bar.

I couldn't believe you hated me, couldn't believe you thought me to be stupid, confused, and indecisive about what I wanted from life.Did you think this lowly of me?

Was that why you spent three years wooing me? Was it your hate that made you profess love to me?

I never expected this from you. I thought highly of you. I couldn't believe you could be so hypocritical. Which do I believe? Your professed love or your confessed hate for me whom you have turned gay at heart.

I have never had gay sex before but I was coming to do that with you and all you could do was call me stupid, confused, abnormal, and indecisive.

If gays deny themselves, who will speak for them? Who will tell the government that the fourteen years jail term is wrong? That freedom is needed to walk the streets without fear of intimidation.
You called my line it rang, and rang and rang but I didn't pick up. My phone was ringing when I came down the bike and paid the bike man. It rang till I entered my house and then my room where I cried my eyes out as the phone kept ringing.

The phone later stopped ringing. I knew it must have occured to you that I wouldn't pick your calls. I knew you wouldn't come to my house. I knew you will call me yet again to say how sorry you were, so I texted you, to tell you I was disappointed in you, that I had come to tell you how much I love you but you ended up breaking my heart before I said yes. Now, all I can say is that I LOVE HATE YOU... I really do.


“It is over dearie”, she said.
“No, why, everybody thinks we are cool, they all appreciate…” he was saying.
“Our ‘coupledom’, you would say?”
“Yeah, our coupledom”
“And what do we think?”
“But we can work it out”
“I’m sorry”, she said forcing a smile and trying to fight back her tears as she pulled a ring off her mid finger, drops it on the table and hurried out as he tried to hold her back.

He stood fixed to the ground. He hit his head, then the wall and slumped on the sofa, sits up and holds his head, a tear drop in his left eye.

They have dated for as long as one could remember. They were first friends before they became lovers because everyone thinks they would make the finest couple ever. Their parents believe their marriage would be that happy-ever-after marriage of Cinderella and Prince Charming.

Their siblings thought that their marriage would be perfect and their friends think their love tale would be super-romantic, the kind Harlequin writers weave every day.

Her father and his mother met when they did their masters degree programme. He was just six months old when his mother began her masters. Her father got married two years after the programme. Their parents were friends even after the masters and had introduced their spouses. Their children grew to know one another as family friends.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Nigerian Celebrities in diaspora: Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

Many are still of the opinion that Nigerians are no good people. But I’m sure such opinions would change if we take our time to review what success our Nigerian countrymen make both in Nigeria and outside the country. The entertainment industries of different countries have Nigerians making waves and making strong impacts. One of such celebrities who rock one of the movie industries outside Nigeria is Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje.

Adewale was born in Islington, London on 22 August 1967 to Yoruba parents. He has a law degree from Kings College London and a Masters in law from the University of London.  He speaks fluently Yoruba, Italian and Swahili and partly French.

Adewale’s childhood experience wasn’t the kind any one would wish an enemy. Perhaps that gives the reason the actor, scriptwriter and director is warming up to do a movie entitled ‘Farming’ that will tell his own story. He regards himself as ‘black Oliver twist’ and that he really is considering that his Nigerian parents who at the time of his birth were students in London handed him over to white working class couple in Tilbury when he was barely six weeks old.

While at the university, Adewale worked in a clothes shop where, in turn, he was introduced to modelling. That took him around the world and eventually to Hollywood, and the cast of the film ‘Congo’.  According to Adewale, the moment he started acting he knew it was his vocation as he realized that the sum total of his life added up to it. And when they said action, he had plenty.

Adewale who was recently announced the highest-paid actor by People With Money magazine, pulling in an astonishing $46 million between May 2014 and May 2015, a nearly $20 million lead over his closest competition has starred in several films and television series including; HBO series Oz, ABC series Lost, Game of thrones season five, Get rich or die trying, American Odyssey, Annie, Pompeli, The Bourne identity and others. Presently he is filming ‘Suicide squad’.

He had also featured in various music videos including;  You Don't Love Me (No, No, No) Dawn Penn "Love No Limit" – Mary J. Blige, "I Want It All Night Long" – Heather Hunter , "Giving Him Something He Can Feel" – En Vogue, "Jealousy" – Pet Shop Boys, "Talk It Over" – Grayson Hugh